No hidden fees


No monthly commitment

Per store activation: €399 - Includes SIM Printer delivery.

Includes SIM Printer delivery and marketing starter pack.

Low fees as per the scale below

Unlimited orders

Unlimited push notifications


Loyalty campaigns

Automated notification of missed orders

Email support


High volume stores and small chains

€99 min per month fee commitment. Min 12 months.

All Standard features plus

Phone support 9am - 10pm GMT

Phone support for missed orders


Chains of 50+ location and online annual turnover of over €5,000,000

Starting at €10,000 per month.

Publish under your App Store and Google Play account

Fixed charge per store

Use your own merchant account

No Flipdish branding

2 factor authentication

Custom POS integration

Strict control over your data and security with user provisioning and deprovisioning, data deletion, and cross-regional backups

SLA including 24/7 emergency support

Flipdish Standard & Flipdish Managed Fee Scale

Our fee structure is designed to ensure that we are directly aligned with you and incentivised to help you grow your online ordering volume.

  • 7% : < €10,000 per month
  • 6% : > €10,000 per month
  • 5% : > €25,000 per month
  • 4% : > €50,000 per month
  • 3.5% : > €100,000 per month
  • 3% : > €250,000 per month
  • 2.5% : > €500,000 per month

Card charges: 2.5% plus €0.50/tx charged to the customer

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