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31 · July · 2017

Word Of Mouth And Your Food Business

Author: James McCarthy

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

How a takeaway owner asked his customers to save his business and now business is booming.

30 · June · 2017

Centra Beat The Queue App by Flipdish

Author: James McCarthy

Centra is Ireland’s leading convenience retailer with over 450 stores throughout the country.

19 · June · 2017

The Effects of Leaving Costly Food Portals

Author: James McCarthy - Co-founder at Flipdish

Ben Macari is the owner of the well-known takeaway chain Macari’s which has 6 stores in Dublin. In June 2016, feeling the squeeze of high fees, Ben decided to leave the food portal that he had been listed on for years.

15 · May · 2017

Freshly Chopped and Flipdish

Author: Ciara Kelly

If you’re a Chopped customer, you can now order deliveries in Dublin 1 and Dublin 2 and skip the queue with their new apps for iOS and Android.

30 · April · 2017

New Feature - Pre-Ordering

Author: Conor McCarthy

On-demand ordering; the buzz words of 2017. A worthy cause and admirable goal. Tapping twice and having your food dispatched post-haste is a nice option.

20 · March · 2017


Author: Michael Harnett from Bradley Brand

A brand is not just a name or logo that hangs above the door of your restaurant, it is a promise and connection that your customer relates to and aligns themselves to.

14 · February · 2017

Top 5 Tips to Become an Online Ordering Machine

Author: Ronan Mahon

These top tips have been distilled from thousands of conversations & tests with more than 250 of our restaurant partners over the course of 2 years. If you need help with any of them, get it touch. That's what we're here for!

07 · February · 2017

New Feature - Exclude meal-deals from vouchers

Author: Flipdish

Meal deals are great. They give your customers value for money, make it easy for them to get all the items they need and, when used correctly, can help increase your average ticket size.

04 · August · 2016

Noel Higgins - Quiznos Ireland

Author: Wesley Gray Smith

The sub sandwich shop that is “a cut above” is found on almost every interstate exit in the United States and has over 5,000 locations in over 40 countries and territories. Recently, Quiznos was introduced to Ireland and the first restaurant in the country was opened in Finglas Village Shopping Centre. Noel Higgins, the proud owner of Quiznos Ireland, knew the fresh bread and quality meat would work perfectly here. Myself and the Flipdish Team got a chance to visit the Quiznos that started it all and talk to the passionate owner.

27 · July · 2016

Malik Nazar Hussain – Café Bliss

Author: Wesley Gray Smith

The Flipdish team hit the road again this week to uncover the story behind the hidden gem on Montague Street, Dublin 2, Cafe Bliss. Owner and Chef Malik Nazar Hussain sat down with us to talk about how his experiences in the restaurant industry across the world led him to open this quaint European breakfast, lunch and dinner spot in the heart of Dublin.

18 · July · 2016

Sandy Sood – Pizza Dog

Author: Wesley Gray Smith

With a menu ranging from perfect Italian pizzas to delectable American hot dogs, Pizza Dog has made its mark as one of the most unique takeaway restaurants in Dublin. The restaurant currently has 3 locations in Swords, Drumcondra and Maynooth. Pizza Dog owner Sandy Sood has worked in the restaurant industry for the past 16 years. His experience as a chef in 5-star hotels and with Pizza Hut International inspired him to develop his own brand in Ireland. Sandy knows that the “service, food and quality” at Pizza Dog keeps customers coming back.

01 · July · 2016

The Official Bombay Pantry App

Author: James McCarthy

We’re delighted to be powering the new official Bombay Pantry app. You can now order award winning Indian food from Bombay Pantry in as few as 2 taps.

01 · June · 2016

Dermot Bright – The Pizza Slice

Author: James McCarthy

3 months after starting with Flipdish we caught up with Dermot Bright from one of the busiest takeaway pizza stores in South Dublin, The Pizza Slice (Monkstown).

29 · March · 2016

6 Tips For Building Your Takeaway’s Email List

Author: James McCarthy

Email marketing is one of the best ways to market in terms of return on investment. Most people open their emails and as long as your message is relevant and well crafted, it is much more likely to convert to a sale than a search ad or social media post. Here are a few tips to get you started on building one of your most valuable sales resources.

26 · March · 2016

7 Ways To Boost Your Takeaway Sales This Summer

Author: James McCarthy

Summer can be a slow time for some takeaway restaurants. Here are some tips to help boost your sales with minimal cost.

15 · February · 2016

Aran Spencer Higgins – Dealiac

Author: James McCarthy

What is Dealiac?

Dealiac is an app and discount card exclusively for those on a gluten free diet. We take the hassle out of finding restaurants that cater to your requirements, allow you to rate and review your experiences while receiving discounts and offers exclusive to Dealiac.

25 · January · 2016

Duncan McDonald – Bread and Bones

Author: James McCarthy

I sat down with Duncan McDonald (left) from Bread and Bones to hear about his (and Jack’s) super-cool new restaurant on 7 Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1.

18 · January · 2016

Emily Bradshaw – Cracked

Author: James McCarthy

We sat down with Emily from Cracked, Where Eggs Are Superheros, to talk about her startup, eggs and her new pop-up shop in Bread & Bones on Millennium Walkway.

07 · December · 2015

Jennie Moran – Luncheonette in NCAD

Author: James McCarthy

What is the story behind

23 · November · 2015

Shane Ryan – FEED

Author: James McCarthy

FEED is a new kind of food business – a healthy lunch delivery service with a conscience. For every FEED that you order, they donate one meal to a child in the developing world through their charity partner Mary’s Meals.

16 · November · 2015

Kiz – Thru The Green Coffee Co.

Author: James McCarthy

I had the pleasure of chatting with Kiz (right), the Aussie behind the aptly named Thru The Green Coffee Co. in Windy Arbour and honestly one of the tastiest coffees in Dublin.

19 · October · 2015

Derek Keatley – Urban Mess

Author: James McCarthy

We had the privilege and pleasure of asking former architect Derek Keatley (middle), co-owner of East Point Village’s Urban Mess, about his new business and life as a new father.

12 · October · 2015

Adam McMenamin – Two Fifty Square Coffee

Author: James McCarthy

What’s the story behind Two Fifty Square?

05 · October · 2015

Ruth & Stephen Deasy – Bear Market Café

Author: James McCarthy

We popped into the beautifully designed Bear Market Cafe in Blackrock for a coffee with the founders, Ruth & Stephen, and a lesson in starting a successful business with family.

28 · September · 2015

Rob Kramer – Krüst Bakery

Author: James McCarthy

Tired of looking for great coffee or lunch? The World’s 1st Smart Cafe, Krüst Bakery, have got you with the brand new Nitro Coldbrew Coffee, divine Cronuts and many more tasty treats.

21 · September · 2015

Simon Lamont – The Lazy Chef

Author: James McCarthy

TV3’s “The Lazy Chef” Simon Lamont is quickly becoming one of the most recognisable faces on the Irish food scene. He talks about his journey as a chef so far.

11 · September · 2015

Raymond O’Hara – Green Beards Juicery

Author: James McCarthy

We get into juicing, health foods, business and much more in this really interesting chat with Raymond O’ Hara (right) from the awesome Green Beards Juicery.

31 · August · 2015

India Power – The Little Green Spoon

Author: James McCarthy

The future is looking bright for Indy Power whose The Little Green Spoon is quickly becoming the go-to blog for all things edible and healthy. We caught up with her for a quick chat about food, lifestyle and much more.

19 · August · 2015

Tom Gleeson – Bunsen

Author: James McCarthy

We sat down with Tom Gleeson the man behind officially “The best burger in Dublin” and the hugely popular Bunsen for a really interesting and frank chat about food, business, exercise, philosophy and lots of stuff in between.

18 · August · 2015

Brian Lee – Chopped

Author: James McCarthy

We had a coffee with health food and fitness entrepreneur Brian Lee from Chopped just minutes before he opened the doors to his new Fairview premises.

31 · July · 2015

iPhone to get food ordering app from Irish brothers

Author: James McCarthy

Watch out, fast food just got faster with new app by Dublin duo Conor and James McCarthy.

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